Simon Elishakov

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you the jeweler Simon Elishakov and his superb collection of handcrafted jeweler. Elishakov, born in 1974, was drawn from an early age to sculpture and paintings. Elishakov’s forte derives from a masterly use of the technique of Champlevé. In the world of decorative art, Champlevé is a process consisting in cutting away troughs or cells in a metal plate and filling the depressions with pulverized vitreous enamel. This technique of Champlevé enameling came into prominence in the 12th century and was used more recently by the Russian jeweler Carl Fabergé and Louis-François Cartier and now offered to you by Simon Elishakov. 

During part of the 90’s, Elishakov worked for Tiffany, the famous New York-based jewellery and silverware house. In 1997, Simon opened his own workshop and started designing jewellery for private clients and luxury stores around the world.   

His customers are drawn to Simon Elishakov’s creations because of the refined technique he applies to each one of them as well as to their unique beauty.. Although the technique of Champlevé is usually limited to the use of gold, enamel and precious stones, Simon is one of the few craftsmen who master this technique while using silver, enamel and semi- precious or precious stones of a smaller caliber. This, in turn, enables his clients to acquire unique pieces at a reasonable cost and Simon Elishakov’s creations regularly go under the hammer at Sotheby's. All of Elishakov’s creations are stamped 925 for sterling silver and bear his S.E. initials.  

Our store is offering Simon Elishakov’s production on an exclusive basis and this enables our customers to now acquire unique pieces of a quality on par with a Tiffany, Cartier or Fabergé creation at an affordable price.

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