The term “Israeliana” refers to all works of Israeli design from the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 up to the 1970’s. It is typified by original designs inspired by local history and culture that tied the Jewish people to Holy Land. The works created were produced both for their esthetic quality and for utility and as a result the bulk of Israeliana can be divided into the categories of Judaica, household items and commercial advertisements. Because Israel was isolated from the Western world, and in its first decades was unable to import items from abroad, Israeli made pieces were designed to imitate contemporary Westerm articles. The imitation of European design was combined with motifs both from the Tanakh and contemporary Zionism to produce something truly Israeli. These items have great nostalgic value for those persons who lived through the State’s first years of existence, for in their childhood there were no foreign equivalents. These items have taken on an iconic value of the period in which they were made. Anyone who had visited Israel in those early days would immediately identify works of Israeliana since at the time they were present in every household and place of work. To this day, works of Israeliana embody Zionist sentiment and the strong attachment of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.