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Info :: Determining the Condition of a Poster

The ratings described below represent generally accepted standards for assessing the condition of a poster. A '+' or '-' may further describe the condition of a particular item. Posters may be found on linen or Japan paper backing, with an acid free adhesive.

A+ (Excellent) : This is a flawless example of a poster rarely seen in such fine condition. 

A to A- (Very Good) : This is a poster that is in very good condition. The colors are fresh and there is no paper loss. It may have a slight blemish or tear, but this is very marginal and unoticeable. A- indicates that there may be some slight dirt, fold, tear or bubble or other minor restoration, but most unobtrusive.

B to B+ (Good) : This describes a poster in good condition. It may have slight paper loss, but not in the image or in any crucial design area. It may have some restoration but this is not immediately evident. The lines and colors are good, although paper may have yellowed (light stained). B+ designates a poster that is in very good condition.
B to B- (Fair) : This is one in fair condition. The latter determination may be caused by heavier than normal light staining or one or two noticeable repairs.

C+ and Below : This describes a poster in poor condition. The light staining may be more pronounced, the restoration, folds or flaking are more readily visible, and possibly some paper loss has occurred. But for this, the poster is otherwise intact, the image is clear and the colors though possibly faded, are still faithful to the artist's intent. A good part of such a poster may be missing, including some crucial image area: colors and lines so marred that a true appreciation of the artist's intent is difficult, if not impossible.


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